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Born in 1987, STMicroelectronics UK merged two participants in the semiconductor market. Only after 1998, the newly formed corporation received the well-known name. By the time of the merger, both companies had come up with great experience in developing and manufacturing semiconductors, analog, and digital integrated circuits.

Now STMicroelectronics is one of the biggest companies in the whole world engaged in the production of integrated circuits. STMicroelectronics has headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. STMicroelectronics products are presented in the widest range in the industry and include more than 3000 different items. These are components for communication and telecommunications, household and industrial electronics, computers and the automotive industry. The company manufacturers following products:
• Amplifiers and comparators
• Microcircuits for processing digital and analog signals
• Clock Schemes
• STMicroelectronics diodes
• Signal Switches
• Memory
• Microcontrollers
• Power Modules
• Power Management Modules
• Memory modules
• Integrated smart card circuits
• Mems Sensors
• Elements of protection
• STMicroelectronics transistors
• Discrete semiconductors

STMicroelectronics components

Price: £3.59
24C04 Integrated Circuit EEPROM IC - CASE: DIP8 MAKE: ST Microelectronics - STM
Price: £4.79
STPS3045CT Silicon Diode - CASE: TO220 MAKE: STMicroelectronics
Price: £3.29
TDA7266 Integrated Circuit - CASE: SQIL15 MAKE: STMicroelectronics
Price: £3.70
TDA7317 Integrated Circuit - CASE: DIP30 MAKE: STMicroelectronics
Price: £11.99
HV82FI Semiconductor - CASE: Standard MAKE: Generic
Price: £19.19
HV102 Transistor - CASE: TO218 MAKE: STMicroelectronics
Price: £13.09
STP16C596 Integrated Circuit - CASE: DIP24 MAKE: STMicroelectronics
Price: £9.59
BCY591X Transistor - CASE: TO18 MAKE: STMicroelectronics
Price: £2.99
X0403MF Thyristor - CASE: TO202-3 MAKE: ST Microelectronics - STM
Price: £11.99
TDA7851A Integrated Circuit - CASE: ZIP27 MAKE: ST Microelectronics - STM