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SKU: 2020
Product specifications
Ckts Per Dev. 6
Dv/Dt Worst Case 100
Firing Char-Igt Max. 150m
Firing Char-Vgt Max. 3.5
I(h) Max. (A) 60m-
@Temp. (test) (°C) 25
Id(off) Max. (A) 30m
Ir @ Diff. Temp (A) 1.0m
@It (test) (A) 400
It(stat) Max. (A) 700
VRRM 200
tPD Max. (S) 16n
Nom. Supp Volt 5.0
Tr Max. (s) 2.0n-
Supp Curr. I(TSM) 3.1k
1-Cycle Surge Current (A) 200
t(switch) Off Typ. Time (S) 100u
t(switch) Off Typ. Time (S) 6.5u
Tech. CMOS
@Temp (test) (°C) 150#
@Temp. (test) for Vf) 25
V(drm) Max. 900
Vf Max. .60
V(T) Max. 2.1
I(out) (If AVG) Max. 16.5
@Volts (test) (V) 200
@If (test) 19
@Temp. (test) (°C) 125
@Temp. (test) (°C) 40
Oper. Temp (°C) Min 0
Oper. Temp (°C) Max. 125
@It (A) 1.0k
Pinout Equivalence Number 18-72
Pkg Style DIP
Surface Mounted Yes/No NO