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In this section of our store, there is not only a large selection of thermistors, but also an answer to the question what is a thermistor. Let us take a look at the component to make things clear.

Thermistor description.

Thermistors are resistance thermometers made on the basis of mixed oxides of transition metals. The two main types of thermistors are NTC (with a negative temperature coefficient of resistance) and PTC (with a positive coefficient). The most common type is NTC. RTS thermistors are used only in very narrow temperature ranges, mainly in signaling and control systems. Thermistors belong to the category of devices based on semiconductors. They have been widely used in electrical engineering. Thermistor uses special semiconductor materials with a high negative temperature coefficient.

How do thermistors work?

The thermistors used as sensors can operate in two modes. In the first case, the temperature regime depends only on the ambient temperature. The value of the current passing through the thermistor is very small and the device does not practically warm up. The second mode involves heating the thermistor with an electric current passing inside it. In this case, the value of the temperature will depend on various changing conditions of heat output.